Brand history

A dream to a brand.

2021 - Early stages of the brand
First vision and sketches. Initial research on the fashion industry. Most importantly, trying to figure out how a drawing translate into a garment. Numerous questions arise, leading to a gradual progression towards the goal of eventually launching a brand. The foundations of the brand slowly take shape, even though an official name has not been decided yet. Balancing between school and sports, it’s the beginning of a journey.
2022 - Learning year
Countless hours on the laptop have been dedicated to learning the basics of a garment itself and the intricacies of launching a clothing brand. Between tutorials, podcasts, and books, the focus has been on understanding the vocabulary and terminology associated with every small detail that a simple garment can contain. Learning how to use graphic design tools to produce quality printing files has also been a significant part of the process. The brand's identity is gradually becoming clearer, allowing the ethos and aesthetic for the first launch to emerge. Learning online sales and marketing is also a part of this period of the brand development.
2023 – Final steps of development
As the brand begins to materialize, the construction of the website takes place, a name is chosen, and logos are created. Prints are designed, and preparations for the entire production process are underway. Throughout the year leading up to the 2024 launch goal, there are numerous setbacks accompanied by questioning moments. In the late stages of this year, final adjustments to the overall brand identity occur, necessitating the redoing of a considerable amount of work. The unveiling of social media accounts is both exciting and nerve-wracking. Countless hours of solitary late night work, are now about to be revealed.
We have now arrived at this moment, after a two-year process filled with ups and downs. The brand is ready to launch.
Pursuit is here, crafted for your journey.

Our philosophy

Pursuit is a combination of passions—passions about art, sports, photography, creation, quality clothing, details and aesthetics, twinned with a relentless dedication to fulfilling potential with discipline and commitment.
The clothing brand emerged naturally as a way to explore and merge each of these passions into one single project. A project to exploit strengths and passions but also a project to fuel and motivate.
A project to constantly push self-imposed boundaries.
Here came the idea for the name. A strong and powerful word that screams self improvement and a constant seek for progress.
It transcends the brand; it's a philosophy, an anthem, a mindset.
It's your pursuit.